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Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise Upgrade

The other day I was in the need to test something on Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise. If you are an MSDN Subscriber, there is a License file available to download.

The next step was to find out what to do with this file. Searching the web, I found this Italian Blogpost and with the help of a translation tool I was able to follow the steps.

You basically just need to package that file with a specific provisioning package which can be created with the Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool. This tool is part of the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) which can be downloaded for free.

When you launch the Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) select “New provisioning package” and give it a name. Select “Common to all Windows mobile editions” and skip the import option in the next step.

Now under “Runtime setting” expand “EditionUpgrade”, select “UpgradeEditionWithLicense” and Browse for the MSDN License file.


That’s all, the package can now be exported. Select “Export” and “Provisioning package”. You can keep the default values for the Description and Security settings. Finally hit “Build” and the package will be created in the output folder.

Now you just need to copy the PPKG file to your USB connected phone which will prompt you directly to add the provisioning package to its settings. Welcome to Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise.

– Patrick