WP7 Localize

To localize the Title of a Windows Phone 7 Application a C++ Resource Dll is needed.

As the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools do not support C++ Development I created this tool to localize the App Title without the need to have any Visual Studio C++ Version installed.

It uses Bing to translate the english text to Brazilian Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese Simplified (PRC), Chinese Traditional (Taiwan), Czech (Czech Republic), Danish (Denmark), Dutch (Netherlands), English (United States), English (United Kingdom), Finnish (Finland), French (France), German (Germany), Greek (Greece), Hungarian (Hungary), Italian (Italy), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Norwegian (Norway), Polish (Poland), Portuguese (Portugal), Russian (Russia), Spanish (Spain) and Swedish (Sweden). The english text is used for the EN-US, EN-UK and neutral DLLs, but it is possible to edit the EN-UK Text befor saving the DLLs.

The Portuguese text is also used for the Brazilian-Portuguese Text, but it is possible to edit the Brazilian-Portuguese befor saving the DLLs.


1. Enter AppTitel (Startmenu) ,AppTitelString (Pinned) ,AppTileBackString (Back side Title) and AppTileBackContent (Content text of the back side) in english language

2. Click Translate

2(b). Edit the EN-UK Text if needed.

2(c). Edit the Brazilian-Portuguese Text if needed.

3. Click Save DLLs

4. Choose a Directory where to save the DLLs

5. You now can include them in your Silverlight or XNA project.

Visit Pietro Brambati for Silverlight Integration, Aaron Stebner for XNA Integration and Maarten Struys for Information regarding the BackTile strings.

Download the Tool


04.01.2012: V

Added strings for BackTitel and BackContent

Remove the “Mango” Folder

22.07.2011: V

New Languages for Windows Phone Mango

19.01.2011: V

Fixed TAB Order

Fixed App Title String

17.12.2010: V

Some Error Handling & UI Handling

EN-UK Textboxes

49 Antworten zu WP7 Localize

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  5. Stephan Nörenberg schreibt:

    Hi Patrick,

    seems not to work when I just want to have an App Title in the application list and no App Title on the icon on the start screen (left empty). Afterwards only “My Tile Title” 200 is in the string table. “My Tile Title” was not my title ;).

    And a correction should be made in the tab order (german inputfields). It would be nice to have this great tool fixed.

    Regards, Stephan

    PS: Schade das es letztes Jahr keine MobileGuru gab.

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  8. Sebastian schreibt:

    Herzlichen Dank für dieses nützliche Tool. Tut, was es soll und spart damit eine Menge Ärger bei solchen lästigen Routinetätigkeiten. Danke!

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  10. Rich schreibt:

    I just posted my first blog ever, about localizing, and I linked back to this post. Thanks for the tool!

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  12. Bottomlessinc.com schreibt:

    Hi Patrick,
    It’s a great tool, do you have any plan to release the code source?


    • patrickgetzmann schreibt:

      In general yes, but as i´m using bing webservice i can´t jus post the code because of the bing developer credentials. If interested i can just post some details how it works.

      • Esko schreibt:

        Hi Patrick,
        I would be interested to see non-bing related parts of the code if possible. My target is to generate the dll.xyz.mui files out of translated text files.


  13. follesoe schreibt:


    I tried using the tool, but when copying DLL’s it only copied German, French, Spanish and Italian mui files, and not the Norwegian file (Which is the one I care about).

    It would be great if the source could was made available. You could for instance comment out the Bing credentials, or even better, put them in a configuration file (and not share the configuration file). That way more people could help you out. Given how horrible the app title localization process is out-of-the-box, this Tool is much needed.

  14. follesoe schreibt:

    Oh, never mind the comment about not generating Norwegian mui files. I didn’t see the Mango sub-folder at first.

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  16. Do you know a way to localize the application icon?

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  19. Job Scheffers schreibt:

    Great tool, big timesaver!
    I would like to see this tool split in two: one that does the translation and stores that into some xml file. The other tool reads the xml and generates all dll’s. In that way I can add the xml to my solution and manually edit the xml with some refinements.

  20. Tim schreibt:

    Hi Patrick
    Is it possible for you to share the source codes of this very useful tool?

  21. best web agencies schreibt:

    Why visitors still make use of to read news papers when in this
    technological world everything is existing on web?

  22. niedernsill schreibt:

    Hi Patrick ! Is it possible to as a project sample who use DLLs ? thanks

  23. richi schreibt:

    Hi, your tool is amazing, but is it possible to get the values programmatically ?

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  25. hfrmobile schreibt:

    I just came into the situation were I need to do localization for German.

    At the beginning it sounded simple, using your tool but at the end I am afraid there is something missing: AppResLib.dll.0407.mui isn’t enough? What about Austria, Switzerland etc?

    I guess the fallback from de-DE to de-AT etc. doesn’t since there seems to be no way (no locale ID) for “de” only (e.g. as it is possible for defining .NET resources Resources.de.resx)

    So it seems I have to use the following names for German localization (BTW, German does not just mean Germany, we in Austria for example also speak German for example ;-))

    AppResLib.dll.0407.mui (de-DE)
    AppResLib.dll.0c07.mui (de-AT)
    AppResLib.dll.0807.mui (de-CH)
    AppResLib.dll.1407.mui (Lichtenstein)
    AppResLib.dll.1007.mui (Luxembourg)

    Correct me, if I am wrong!

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  29. Andrew B. schreibt:

    There is also the option of using a web-based tool for the localization of apps, such as http://poeditor.com/. It’s quite practical and useful, works just great with po, pot, xml, resx or strings.

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  33. HKaresz schreibt:

    Thanks for the app, it is very useful!
    I have a strange problem (I think its not related to the app): I added the AppResLib.dll and a mui file (hungarian) to the project (with build action Content). Everything in the region+language section is set to english, except the region format (it is hungarian), but when I deploy the app to the phone, it displays the title in hungarian, not english. In the emulator (7.8), it is the opposite: the apptitle is always the english (neutral language dll) version. The WMAppManifest.xml is set to the @AppResLib.dll,-100 and @AppResLib.dll,-200, but it seems to work right, because the localized titles are displayed.
    I translated the AppTile and AppTileString textboxes only.

    • HKaresz schreibt:

      Sorry, I was wrong before: the emulator works OK (it displays the proper app title according to the display language), but the phone is still shows the wrong title. (I deployed the project without the mui file to the emulator)

  34. Maynard schreibt:

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    Before choosing a program or an act, it’s just a program of Debt Free There are plenty of them available.

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  36. Arian Kulp schreibt:

    I’m trying to add this to a WP8 project but it fails with the error “A reference to a higher version or incompatible assembly cannot be added to the project.” Is this known to work with WP8?

  37. armin schreibt:

    but it doesn’t have Persian language which I need

  38. Thomas schreibt:

    Hello, if you want to stay in touch with the localization industry and read interesting and fresh news, I suggest to have a look at this online resource http://l10nhub.com/ . It has good content.

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