WP8 Localize

NEW: Kind of Open sourcing this Tool…

Windows Phone 8 is awesome and it now supports 50 UI Languages and C++ as a development language!

Even if the new SDK and the Visual Studio 2012 Express now supports the creation of C++ Ressource Only DLLs I bet some people still like to use this Tool.

This is the first Version that includes all Languages and uses the Bing Translation for those languages that are supported by Bing.

Please ignore the current UI of the Tool, I know that all those Edit Boxes don´t look that good and I´m planning on optimizing that.

Another thing that I would like to include is a way to save those strings for later usage.

I could think of either some kind of XML Output so that you can Save/Load all the Strings in the Tool or an direct Output as Visual Studio Projects. Any Feedback is welcome.

Download the Tool


30.10.2012 V1.1.00

Initial Release for all 50 WP8 Languages.


5 Gedanken zu “WP8 Localize

  1. Hi Patrick,
    I’d really like to improve this application since it is so useful to me compared with the standard way of localizing the app title. Do you still not plan to publish the source code, for example on codeplex?
    It would be great if the community was able to work on such a great tool.
    Just leave out the bing credentials in your Code.

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